The art of scars

Seeing an unfathomable darkness
from the cracks of her sparkling eyes,
he dove in and there he met her scarred
— vulnerable self and the beauty of her
broken heart which he was completely
unaware of, — and then he couldn’t restrain
himself from falling — for
The art of scars
she bore beneath her skin…

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In a sleepless night

In a sleepless night like this,
when an eternal silence is my sole companion,
a sigh suddenly
echoes your name out loud
cracking the iciness of shattering moments.
Sometime —
the neverending night
and I stand behind the close-set bars
of my window,
with a numbness gathered from an unknown life sentence,
I witness a sunrise
with a dead —
imperturbable gaze,
while the morning breeze brings me
the scent of your memories
those are long gone,
perished in dusty pages of time
yet feels so freshly wounded,
blood stains — so deliciously colorful,
I inhale you

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Today I am married to her tear drops

Today —
I am married to her teardrops —
twinkling crimson rays of twilight
crawling down her soft cheeks.
I make love to them at
the end of day —
when the mighty sun dies
and the moon high above the sky,
when the music is drunk
and each note dances upon the air.
I shook the fading stars
banged the night
frenzied my heart in amaze
listening to the echoing sea shell
and I make love to her
I make love to her tear drops
cascading in a whirling wind
Of words and phrases.

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In silence

In silence, I have listened to the music of crickets,
stars whispering from behind the tiptoeing curtains
of clouds, the silver lining moonbeams are more
familiar to me than human faces I am surrounded by –
and my heart beats with the pulse of mother nature.
Beneath the swarming of stars at night I have learned
how beautiful the solitude of a man can be and I have
known – the language of the universe in loneliness –
in my solitary confinement…

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